Spring roll

Spring roll is the most popular food in Viet Nam, Vietnamese people called it as “nem cuon” (northern Viet Nam) or “cha gio” (Southern Viet Nam). We use the rice paper to wrap it with whole ingredients: vermicelli, coriander, fungus, minced pork, a little prawn, chicken stock powder, green onion, onion, carrot, chicken egg.

Beach BBQ

You can find down rice paper everywhere in Viet Nam. Now, you need some water in bowl and put a little water on the rice paper to make softer rice paper, mix them alland finally, you should break the chicken egg and mix it with whole ingredients.

Next step, you just follow our Master chef the way how to roll it, it is not so difficult. Thus, we need some soya oil to take the deep fried whole spring rolls. Please keep medium flame and always turning the spring roll to keep it nicely colors.

Beach BBQ

Visitors would be surprised about the spring rolls with nicely decoration from our Master Chef and his amazing dipping sauce.

The most important thing to decide successful of the spring roll is the dipping sauce. You need half bowl of the warm water, 1/3 bowl of the fish sauce. Some garlic, fresh chili, coriander are chopped and put them together in the bowl of dipping sauce. A little of rice vinegar is recommended to put it together with the rest of ingredients in dipping sauce. Now, the perfect dipping sauce is done.

Last step, the great spring roll with incredible decoration and the amazing dipping sauce designed by our chef is cooked and ready to served you, please enjoy it.



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